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API - the Smals story

Slides from the Heliview conference "THE API EVENT" (dec. 2020)

At Smals, our goal is to support a plethora of government agencies and to render administration more efficient. APIs play a central role in the exchange of data and the automation of business workflows, both within and between our different clients, and even with private sector stakeholders. The goal is typically not to monetise our work, but to minimise public expenditure. For many years now, software reuse has been a central tenet to this end, and APIs its basic building blocks. In practice, however, reuse would be impossible without a disciplined API management. In this videotalk, we will demonstrate our journey towards the increased adoption and maturity of API governance among government stakeholders using a standards based, inclusive, and bottom-up approach, and give a brief overview of our current challenges.

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Author:Koen Vanderkimpen
License:CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
Keywords:API; ReUse