Going eXtreme for Health Care ( #devoxx )

When Security, Performance, Scalability, and Availability all want to be the star of the show


Dirk Deridder and me gave this presentation about eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP) for health care at Devoxx 2011.

We presented a high-level overview of the Primary Care Safe (PCS) project, its tough non-functional requirements, and how they can be met using XTP. The talk also included a brief explanation of Threshold Encryption and its application in the PCS.

Here’s the abstract:

Building a life saving eHealth information exchange platform with strong cryptography, on Java. Does it look like a challenge already? Add an extensible data model, add extremely high availability requirements, add scaleability from thousands to millions of users, add heavy-duty cryptography and… make it run fast.

When extremely tough non-functional requirements are seemingly impossible to meet, it’s time for an XTP architecture. Smals, the preferred ICT partner of social security and healthcare institutions in Belgium, will be sharing best practices and hands-on experience from a large-scale project using XTP technology and patent protected threshold encryption technology from Smals.

And the presentation:


our talk’s page at Devoxx
Article on Datanews about our Patent (nl)
Article on Datanews about our Patent (fr)



For more information about Threshold Encryption in the PCS project, contact Julien Cathalo or Koen Vanderkimpen

For more information about XTP, contact Dirk Deridder

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