Smals Research talks at 4th JPEG Workshop on Media Blockchain Proceedings

On the 16th of July 2019, a 4th workshop on media blockchain technologies was held in Brussels, Belgium, collocated with the 84th JPEG meeting.

The presentations presented during the workshop are available for download here. The full program is available here.

Blockchain & Privacy: Two cases from the government field

Kristof Verslype, Research consultant

Blockchain technology is based on transparency, which unavoidably creates a tension with data confidentiality and privacy requirements. Based on two blockchain experiments from the government field, technical and legal challenges as well as the proposed solutions are discussed. In the first project, a blockchain is used in a specific context to store proof-of-delivery and proof-of-receipt of documents. In the second project, medical prescriptions are issued and processed using a smart contract on a blockchain.

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