Telegram : Enterprise 2.0

Some extracts of good books.

- MBWA (Management By Walking Around) : in a few words managers must go and visit the gemba (*).
- More facts, fewer concepts. Go to the field, look and listen.
- Experimentations and not only analysis.
- Empowerment comes with autononomy.
- Collaboration is fueled by recognition.
- The manager does not have the solution. Those who do have the solution.
- Nothing is definitively stable. Nothing is built for eternity and constant revisions are needed on the ways things are done.
- Leverage all contributions (An idea management platform could be useful).
- Force of conviction is more efficient when accompagned by humility : no arrogance -  respect for the people.
- Learn from yours colleagues ... and do not forget your sensei.
- Efficience of communication is not depending first on tools but on behavior and culture.
- Honesty and truthfulness are requested for collaboration.
- Visual management for stimulating collaboration ( . A very old technic !
- Team efficiency over formal ressource management.
- Use creativity methods.

And a kind reminder of some basic principles :

- Be complete but remain synthetic (Using mind mapping [heuristic cards] can help you).
- Pareto.
- A fool with a tool is still a fool.
- Phone or face to face is sometimes better than email.
- "Stretch" ... no stress. Push your team members beyond their zone of comfort … but without pushing them in the red zone.
- Confidence can not exclude control (at the right level).
- In case of conflict ... maybe the paradoxal approach - Also useful for innovation ;-).
- ...
(*) "Gemba" est un mot japonais qui signifie "là où se trouve la réalité". C'est l'endroit où la valeur ajoutée est créée, l'endroit où apparaissent les problèmes, là où ...

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