6-9 sept: Smals Research talks at SEMANTiCS 2021

Do you need a knowledge graph? Helping organizations determine whether a knowledge graph is needed for their problems with the Smals KG Checklist.

A knowledge graph (KG) is a graph that needs to fulfill specific criteria and is key in unlocking data siloes and tacit information for innovative applications. However, organizations may find it hard to identify use cases for KGs and even assessing whether a KG is a viable approach for a particular problem.

Within Smals Research, we designed the Smals KG Checklist, which guides a group of stakeholders in determining whether KG technologies can be used to address a concrete problem. The checklist is to be used in a workshop environment where a facilitator guides the stakeholders in filling the checklist.

We presented our checklist at SEMANTiCS 2021; this conference is the leading European conference on Semantic Technologies and AI.

Access to the submitted paper
Access to a 1-minute video with a short explanation
Acces to our publication (in French)
Direct acces to the checklist

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